Because Art Matters is a Lisbon based project, that begins with a simple idea: To HELP Artists and INSPIRE People!
For this reason and considering the weird times we are going through, we developed a Face Mask whose fabric is also a LIMITED signed printed artwork that you can hang on to your walls.
The square-shaped printed artwork, when folded, creates an inverted triangle shape that can be used as a face mask. This shape represents our democratic view of art and society: people on the top and power at the bottom of the triangle.
The fabric we are using for the
mask/print is washable and certified with ISO 20743:2013 which specifies quantitative test methods to determine the antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness of textile products and its totally hand made in Portugal.
By buying this limited series of artworks you’re not just buying a face mask and supporting artists through this struggling financial times, but you are also helping/preserving the planet. You would never throw away this face mask, why would you? You just need to pull the strings out of the mask and hang it on your Wall.
This never ending product has a infinite life cycle is designed by artists and it’s a limited
Stay Safe and support Art,
Because Art Matters

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